The Secret IG Blueprint used to TRIPLE the revenue of a page with over 1 Million followers! 


Note: This is an extremely effective strategy and can easily overwhelm your sales team if you’re not equipped to deal with a very high volume of leads. 




Maxim of Sales: It’s not about ME, it’s about YOU! 


A fundamental key you must keep in mind throughout the entire process from start to finish, is that the customer doesn’t care about you! 


There, I said it! 


The customer doesn’t care about you, or your offer, or your content, or any of the crap most “gurus” tell you to focus on…


The customers care about themselves! 


They care about their own lives and issues and events that are happening in their world, not yours. They care about how much their gas bill is gonna be, and when they’ll finally get home from work, or if they’re gonna make it to the 2nd half of their daughter’s baseball game.


They don’t care about your offer, or all the cool bonuses you’re gonna give them when they buy your stuff…


They only care about the RESULTS they think they can get from whatever it is you’re offering. 


And that’s not necessarily the result you’re promising… There is a lot that goes through someone’s mind (in a very short period of time) that determines the results they think they’ll get from your offer. 


I’ll tell you more about that as you go through this Secret Blueprint, but for now, the main point to keep in mind is to center everything around the customer and their experience, making sure the “customer journey” flows seamlessly and exactly as planned. 


There are many factors that may seem insignificant throughout the process that are vital to success when implementing the strategy in this blueprint that you must be aware of or it is only a matter of time before you fall victim to one of the many common mistakes. 


After going over this blueprint, you’ll have a clear understanding of these mistakes and how to avoid them. 


To simplify this process for you, I’ve broken everything down into 7 Key Factors that will virtually guarantee success when done correctly!


  1. Snap Judgments
  2. Credibility
  3. Value/Authority
  4. Entertainment/Likability
  5. Lead Flow 
  6. Sales Process
  7. Delivery


Note: Key Factors 1-4 may not seem significant but they are crucial to focus on and get right BEFORE moving on to factors 5-7. There are strong psychological triggers that must be hit or the relationship dynamic between you and your customers will not be ideal. 




As much as people don’t like to admit it, they’re quick to judge. We all are. We can’t help it. It’s literally just the way our human brains are wired! As a human, if your brain works, you can’t help but judge people instantaneously. 


Don’t worry, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s happening to everyone. Our brains are designed to make “snap judgments” about people around us because our subconscious is constantly on the lookout for danger! 


So ya see? Your brain is really just trying to keep you safe… but so is everyone else’s 🤯


That means people are making these snap judgments about you! And they probably don’t even know it! 


It really doesn’t matter if they know it or not, because now you know and you can use this to your advantage!


People will make these snap judgments within seconds of interacting with you, whether in person or online, so make sure you’re keeping your appearance on par as you interact on the platform. 


On Instagram, the 3 main things people will base their snap judgments on are


  1. Your comments
  2. Your profile pic
  3. Your bio info 


I realize it might be a shock to find out that people will base their opinions about you on the comments you leave on IG, but I assure you it’s happening!


There’s a good chance a lot of people who’ve never heard of you will find you because of a comment you leave, which means their very first interaction with you will be reading your comment. What you say here can be the difference between them checking you out, or glazing right past, but it also plays a heavy role in them deciding if you’re someone they want to do business with or not. 


Obviously, your profile pic and bio info (especially the first few words) play a hand in this subconscious mental process as well, essentially helping people stereotype you in just a few seconds. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you just want to make sure that they stereotype you as someone they want to do business with. 




This tends to go hand in hand with Key Factor #1 but it’s so important that it deserves to be focused on specifically. 


As opposed to snap judgments, credibility is an ongoing factor. Your customers will first decide if you’re credible or not, and then they will continue to look for indicators to either reinforce or weaken that image of you in their mind. 


Much of this decision-making process is done subconsciously and much of this process also takes place very quickly after making their initial snap judgments. 


Some of the main things to focus on here are your full bio including your links (the appearance of your website etc), your initial content (your story content and first 9-12 feed posts), and the general look/aesthetic/vibe of your page. 


They say people have a shorter attention span than a goldfish these days, so you’ll want to keep in mind people are going to decide if you’re credible or not based on minimal information in a very short period of time, and likely in a very unreasonable way. 


They can’t help it, that’s just the way most people make these kinda decisions, so special care should be taken to display credibility at every turn. 


It pays to be subtle here, but there are tons of ways to add seeds of credibility throughout your content. When you get creative you can make virtually every interaction something that boosts your credibility in the eyes of your audience. 




Aside from using your content as a tool to establish your credibility, it also acts as a means to deliver valuable information to your viewers. People will ultimately follow you or not based on what they will get out of following you. 


Nobody is gonna follow you, or engage with you, or buy your stuff if they don’t think they’re going to benefit from it in some way. I don’t know, maybe your mom or something, but certainly not regular ole strangers who have no idea who you are. You gotta do something to make it worth their while or you’ve already lost. 


There is a common mistake a lot of people make at this stage, and that is when they’re trying to post stuff to get more likes and comments. Don’t waste your time and energy doing this! You can’t take likes to the bank and deposit them into your account. 


The goal with every piece of content should be to deliver something valuable to your audience, and often times a great way to do that is by giving some valuable information that will help your viewer get what they want. The great thing about doing this is that it continuously builds authority with your audience. The more you’re able to help them, the more they will see you as an authority on the subject. 


Another common mistake here is using “baity” content with incomplete solutions or advice. When people are on Instagram they wanna be on Instagram, not redirected to YouTube or your sales page. Don’t tell them your video has the answer they’re looking for, then show them a video that doesn’t have the answer…


If you want someone to check out your YouTube video, just be upfront about it instead of trying to trick them into it. Having that kinda integrity will work wonders for you! Trust me on this.




There’s something unnatural about someone who just spews out helpful advice constantly like a robot without ever breaking character and letting people know they’re actually human. 


It’s weird…


We’re really reaching a day in age where people no longer want to buy from some faceless brand, but instead, they want to buy from a real person. People don’t trust big brands and corporations anymore, and they won’t trust you if they get any whiff that you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. 


That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to have aspects of your content that make people see you as a real person that your audience can actually relate to and trust. 


The funny thing about trust is that it’s based on a feeling. There’s not a ton of logical thinking going into it.


Over the years my team and I have discovered that one of the most effective ways to build trust is to just be entertaining and have a likable personality. 


It’s been said that the greatest sin in marketing is to be boring, so make sure to keep the entertainment factor in mind at all times. 


You can think of it like this: 


Entertainment = likability

Likability = trust

Trust = customers

Customers = money




Now that you’re on the up and up you’ll start to notice a lot of the top players in various industries using this strategy. It’s one of the most effective ways to sell online right now, so anybody that really knows what’s up will at least be doing something extremely similar. 


Here I’ll take you through the overview of the strategy so you can get an understanding of what’s going on, and then we’ll dive into some of the more common variations that I’ve seen to be effective. 


The basic philosophy is a simple 3 step process. You entertain and prime the audience in the feed, warm them up, and start qualifying them in the stories, then select ideal prospects and sell to them through direct message. 


You can think of your customers going through 3 phases: 


Cold – Warm – Hot


They start out “cold” as someone who doesn’t know you, then they find you and follow you and become “warm”. Now they’re interested enough to allow your content into their world.


Once someone follows you your feed posts will show up in their feed from time to time and this will inevitably begin to develop your relationship with them, but this content is only shown to some of your audience some of the time. The Instagram algorithm is ultimately what decides who sees your regular feed content and what the algorithm decides depends on a variety of factors. 


Your story content, on the other hand, is a completely different story (pun intended 😂)


Typically for someone to watch your story they have to “opt-in” by clicking on your profile pic to see your story, instead of being shown your content at random whenever Instagram thinks they should see it like your feed content. 


This means that when someone clicks your profile pic to watch your story they have now become an even warmer lead who is interested enough to actively check out your content!


This opens the door to let those “hot” leads into your DMs when you design your story content properly, and tailor the customer experience to lead them where you want them to go. 


Most people make another big mistake here by trying to direct their story viewers to a sales page or landing page with the “swipe up” feature. According to the stats of dozens of top people on our team across various industries, the swipe up feature is one of the lowest converting mechanisms available when it comes to driving sales! 😳


I’m not saying it doesn’t have its place, but it certainly shouldn’t be the go to move when trying to sell your stuff. 


The real trick behind this method, the “secret sauce” if you will, is to funnel those hot leads into your DMs.


I know that might seem like it’s just too simple to be the big trick, but I promise you this is one of the highest converting mechanisms we’ve ever seen! There is actually a ton of psychology that supports this but that’s another book for another time. For the purposes of this blueprint, I’ll just touch on a few underlying principles to give you a reasonable understanding of how this should be applied. 


The main thing that makes this effective is the intimate aspect of having a personal one on one conversation with each prospect. Obviously this is much more powerful than a generalized sales page or video sales letter that can’t engage with the person and alleviate their concerns as they arise. 


The second main principle that makes this effective is two fold. You’re able to qualify each person to make sure they’re an ideal fit for whatever it is you’re selling, while simultaneously positioning yourself as the authority of the interaction. 


Being viewed as the authority is actually one of the most significant factors that separates the average from the extraordinary, so careful attention should always be paid to the dynamic of the relationship between you and the customer. This is why all 7 of these Key Factors should be taken into account. 


Now that you’ve got an idea of how this is all supposed to work together, we can take a look at some specific tactics you can use to put this into action! 


The goal here isn’t just to get people sending you messages, it’s to get HOT LEADS sending you messages, and not just hot leads, but QUALIFIED hot leads that are actually right for what you’re offering. 


One of the most effective ways to do this is also one of the most simple and straight forward. You just touch on a common pain point, and then offer help for that particular thing. 


It might go something like this: 


“I know how frustrating it can be dealing with <insert common pain point here>, and it’s so great to enjoy <insert desired result>! If you want help dealing with <common pain point> so you can enjoy <desired result> I have something I think you should hear about! Just send me a DM with the word “result” and I’ll send you all the details”


By asking them to send you a specific word, it helps to take the pressure off and just makes the process simpler for the prospect. Don’t just tell them to DM you, give them a simple way to initiate the conversation without over thinking. It also makes a world of difference to let them know what’s gonna happen when they message you. Just letting them know you’re gonna ask them a couple questions takes the mystery out of the interaction and makes it way easier for them to reach out. You want to eliminate as much doubt and thinking for them as possible. 


Another great way to lead into your call to action is the “5-1-30” method, which has been passed down to me from someone I have tremendous respect for. 


5 people, 1 result, 30 days = 5-1-30


Obviously the number of people and time frame can vary depending on your offer, but the structure makes it easy to remember so you’ll always deliver a clear and effective call to action. 


“I’m looking for 5 fitness coaches who want to add $10k of profit to their business in the next 30 days. If you’d like to be considered message me “10k” and I’ll ask you a couple questions to see if you’re a good fit”


Feel free to get creative and tweak these as needed to make sure you’re getting the best results you can. 


Another variation that I’ve seen be effective is to use the 5-1-30 call to action as a regular feed post, either as a video or even just written text (like the Twitter screenshot style post), or to use either of these calls to action at the end of a longer video with valuable content (like a helpful IGTV video or YouTube video).








If you look at any successful business there are 3 fundamental things that are happening that drive the business. 


First they attract customers, then they sell them their stuff, and finally they deliver those goods or services. Every successful business has a structured process for doing this. 


That means that if you don’t already have a structured process for doing this in your business it’s definitely something you should carve out some time for, and get it figured out as soon as possible! 


For now, I’ll take you through a high level overview of the processes we use on Instagram. Keep in mind you’ll need to make the necessary adjustments to make it work for you and your business specifically. 


We’ve already gone over quite a bit of the process but to recap, you start by positioning yourself as an expert and provide valuable and entertaining content that builds trust and primes your audience. Next you use specially designed content to attract people who need the help you’re offering and get them to start conversations with you through DM. 


We’ve covered all this already so it should sound familiar lol


Once you’ve got hot prospects sending you DMs you might think it’s a cake walk from here on out but unfortunately that’s not the case. There is still some work to be done before the deal is closed and you’re home free. 


The most common thing people mess up here is losing the proper dynamic of authority I mentioned earlier. A big part of the underlying psychology that makes this strategy so effective is that the people coming to you are in a position where they need your help, and you are in a position of authority. 


Many people fail to interact with their prospects and customers in a way that maintains and strengthens this dynamic and it wreaks havoc on their bottom line. 


Nobody likes to feel like they’re being pressured into buying anyway, but when you push for sales it comes off as desperate which leads to an array of devastating psychological effects in the mind of your prospects…


Scary stuff I know, but on the other side of this fear you’ll find the answers you seek. 


Essentially what it boils down to is that if they sense desperation, their subconscious mind automatically tells them that you can’t possibly be an authority. Their brain knows that a true authority won’t be desperate so as soon as they get the notion that you need them to buy they’ll immediately be turned off. 


Maintaining this dynamic of authority should be something you keep in mind throughout the entire process from start to finish. 


Once you’ve got a steady stream of DMs pouring in, it’s time to focus on the chat process. 


This process has endless variations that couldn’t possibly ever be completely accounted for but ultimately when it’s successful it only leads to 3 possible outcomes. 


  1. Sell directly through DM 
  2. Use DM to get them on a sales call
  3. Use DM to get them on the first call in a two call closing process


What you’re selling is mainly what will determine which of these processes you’ll use, but it really comes down to what happens to work best for you and your business, which isn’t always what you expect. 


As far as the high level overview goes, the process should include these 5 things: 


  1. Find out what they want
  2. Find out what they have
  3. Find out why they don’t have what they want
  4. Make sure you can help them
  5. Offer your help


You can always improve your sales process and you should constantly be testing new things to see what will get you the best results, but having a structured process in place is a must! 


You definitely don’t want to be figuring it out as you go cuz that will inevitably lead to unhappy customers. Make sure you know what’s gonna happen as best you can before it starts happening.




Finally, now that you’ve attracted a landslide of hot leads and created a rock solid process to convert them into customers, you’ve sold them your goods and it’s time to deliver! 


Glory be! 


But what happens when they give you their money and everything falls apart because the delivery process wasn’t up to snuff? 


Obviously there are a million things that could go wrong and each offer presents new challenges. These challenges can be overcome as long as they’re on your radar, but all too often other savvy business owners fail to recognize how important it is to have their delivery systems on point. 


The biggest thing you can do to make sure everything is in proper order, is to TEST TEST TEST! 


Get a friend to buy it first and sit with them as they go through the “customer journey” so you can see exactly what’s going on. Buy it yourself if you have to so you can see what it’s like for your customers when they buy. You want to get as clear as you possibly can on EXACTLY what goes on in that customer journey and how each piece influences your customer as they go down that path. 


I think it goes without saying that this is something that should always be an ongoing process in your business, constantly striving to improve the customer experience and deliver the best! 


The experience people have is what will ultimately determine if they’ll come back and buy again or disappear forever. 


As long as you actually care about the people you’re helping you should do pretty good at this. I doubt you’d be here if you had ill intentions. 


Another thing people tend to mess up is not delivering what they said they’d deliver. It seems like this goes without saying and shouldn’t need to be touched on but you’d be surprised how often people tweak their marketing until it doesn’t match the products or services at all. If you promise someone a recipe for rhubarb pie, make sure you actually give them the recipe for rhubarb pie, not the ancient Greek skincare ritual… 😂


Seems silly I know, and if you run plenty of tests it won’t be an issue but definitely a common problem that nobody should have. 




After reading this I hope you have some new insight and some exciting new things to try with your IG. As you can probably already tell, mastering the process can be a never ending journey so you should be continuously learning and improving unless you want to be left behind. 


This blueprint only focuses on Instagram and there are many other arenas to master that are equally or more complex, but the ultimate philosophy is always the same no matter what platform you’re on or what you’re selling. 






This always applies so if you’re struggling you can always go back to the drawing board and figure out which of these 3 areas needs to be tweaked. 


Also as I mentioned before, you want to make sure you always keep the dynamic of authority between you and your prospects. Mastering this aspect is HUGE and will absolutely make you stand above your competition. 


Don’t forget the 5 steps to the sale:


  1. Find out what they want 
  2. Find out what they have 
  3. Find out why they don’t have what they want
  4. Make sure you can help them 
  5. Offer your help


Keep this simple formula in mind and you’ll never need a script, and it really helps to take the pressure off when you realize the simplicity of what’s really going on. A lot of people like to complicate the sales process with all sorts of tricks and tactics, but I’m a firm believer that honesty is the number one seller of all time! Just be honest with people and yourself and find people you can actually help and actually help them. Simple stuff. 


I can assure you from years of first hand experience that you’ll be better off if you focus on building real relationships with people and genuinely trying to help them instead of trying to sell them your stuff. 


Thank you for taking the time to check out my Secret Instagram Blueprint! I hope you’re able to find at least one thing here that you can put into action to help you improve your results. 


Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram and tell me all about it @aguynamedfuzz 


I’d love to add your success story to the growing list of other hungry entrepreneurs who have had massive success using this strategy! 


Again, please don’t share this blueprint! If you know someone who might be interested, let them know they can reach out to me personally anytime and I’d be happy to share it with them. 


I look forward to seeing your success on IG!


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