The 7-Day IG Income Playbook

To drive engagement with qualified prospects turning
your followers into a reliable revenue stream

NOTE: Video content is highly recommended but not required.

Day One Feed - Value Tip

Your audience is looking for results, so when you can deliver results with your content before they buy, they’ll be hooked! Lead with value here on Day One and give a simple tip that will help your audience reach their goal. A simple “One Thing To Never Do!” will work great for your Day One Feed Post!

Day One Story - Show Expertise

Just like in The Feed you want to deliver some results here and lead with the giving hand, but also you want to use the story to display your credibility and show expertise. Something as simple as showing that you’re associated with other recognized experts is a great way to have your audience view you as an expert. 

The Story is where you’ll also include a CTA (Call To Action) to your offer, usually with the “swipe up” feature, that will take the warm leads to your sales/order page.

Day Two Feed - Social Proof

Here we want to let the audience know your reputable, not only by showing results of others, but also by showing dedication and a passion for what you do. Here you can post DM screenshots of people asking for help or advice to show you’re in demand, or you can show some study materials to prove you take the time to master your craft.

Day Two Story - Testimonials

For The Story on Day Two we want to stick with the social proof angle and show some testimonials from happy clients/customers. This can also be a simple screenshot of a text or DM you got from someone raving about your product/service. 

The idea for Day Two is to show proof of the demand in The Feed and take them from A to Z by showing them proof of the results in The Story. 

After showing enough proof, a soft CTA here is very effective!

Day Three Feed - Demonstrate

Here we’re leading with value again by giving your audience a sample before they buy. You can go in depth with this to really deliver big value, or you can keep it simple with some before & after photos or a short interview clip.

Day Three Story - Gratitude

This one might seem a little odd or out of place but it’s a huge game changer when it comes to eliminating resistance with your prospects. Being genuine and sincere while expressing gratitude for the little things that are relatable (not your private jet or lambo) will really solidify the bond between you and your audience. 

No CTA here except maybe asking your audience also what they’re grateful for.

Day Four Feed - Likable

With all this proof and authority being built, you don’t want your audience just thinking of you as some machine churning out results like a printing press, so it’s time to pepper in some things to remind everyone you’re human. These things should be relatable, but don’t necessarily have to be business related. The goal here is to build trust with your audience.

Day Four Story - Call To Action

This is where things will really heat up for you! This story should feel personal and just be a short easy CTA after touching on an interest or pain point. 

Example: “I know how hard it can be trying to do <X>! If you need any help with <X> send me a DM with the word ‘<X>’ and I’ll get you all the details”

Day Five Feed - Value Tip

Giving your audience results in advance is one of the best kept secrets in marketing. Sharing 1 simple tip of something they should always be doing is a great way to lead with value and help your prospects get closer to their goals. Simple tips on a consistent basis will get your prospect’s attention and hold their interest.

Day Five Story - Credibility

There are many ways you can show your credibility but one of the best and easiest ways to do this is to associate yourself with other credible people, who your audience already knows, likes, and trusts. Another simple way to build credibility in the eyes of your audience is to share the success story of someone else or even just a quote from a notable person. They will automatically relate their success to you and view you as more credible.

Day Six Feed - Impact

Reading a great book? Why not share a passage with your audience and tell them how it made an impact in your life? You just might be sharing the same “Ah-ha! Moment” you had and really spark some change in their life! .

Day Six Story - Rave Review

It’s time to show off your best review! You can never have too much social proof and a rave review from a happy client/customer will speak for itself! Once your audience is dazzled you can slide in a CTA that will create a landslide of replies!

Day Seven Feed - How To

Take some time to do a quick How-To on a common issue your audience faces, and show them exactly how you would tackle the issue. It’s a great way to help your audience and show them you’re the expert at the same time.

Day Seven Story - "DM Me"

Conversions happen in conversations. That’s why it’s so effective to get your prospects to DM you and start the conversations that will lead to sales! 

Here you want to offer the elixir to your prospects big pain point and tell them to send you a Direct Message (DM) to qualify. 

Using disqualification will create more desire for your product/service and turn the tables when it comes to selling, getting your prospects to sell you instead of you selling them. 

With the right strategy you can have a steady stream of highly qualified leads flowing into your DMs, and then turn them into a steady flow of revenue coming into your business.


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